About Me


Hey my name is Andrew Gillan and I have been teaching guitar professionally here in Melbourne since 2010.cropped-11376111_852157571527724_1457757521_n.jpg

I have had the privilege to play guitar all over Melbourne and Australia as well as write and transcribe music for clients.

I have successfully completed all steps  of the AMEB course  in contemporary and Jazz guitar, and have completed my studies in music performance at Melbourne Polytechnic.

My students currently range between the ages of 6 to 65, and I am happy to expand in either direction. As a teacher I believe that lessons should always be catered around the student.

There is no point in learning to read notation if what you are reading doesn’t interest you-there is no motivation. On the other hand, you might prefer to learn by ear/tablature or might not know what you want and need an experienced guide to help you figure it out. An experienced and versatile tutor like myself can easily cater for this.

Covering both electric and acoustic guitar, I pride myself on my friendly and relaxed teaching style that helps students of all abilities develop their guitar playing. I tailor my lessons to each of my individual students to help them learn how to play the music that they are passionate about with speed and confidence, working on material that has a personal interest to the student. Guitar playing is a wonderful skill to have and can provide many years of enjoyment.

Whether you want to learn a few basic chords, expand your existing technique, learn theory or play the songs that you love then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me. ajhgillan@hotmail.com for a no obligation chat.